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At The Heritage Project, we bring to light our rich cultural history through effective partnerships and by mobilising relevant resources.

We help people engage with and relive our heritage through practical new approaches, keeping in mind the evolving, fast-paced world.

We aim to revive sites of historic and cultural importance, basing our activities on four fundamental principles:

  • Art & Architecture – Conveying stories of the heritage site and upgrading spaces
  • Community Development – Facilitating holistic growth and energising local economies
  • Ecology – Enabling a better relationship with the natural environment
  • Events & Experiences– Curating events, digital heritage experiences, tours, and collectables

Art & Architecture

Every heritage site has a story, and what better way than art to depict it? 

At The Heritage Project, we believe that, while art represents history, it can also be a vehicle for social change. Ideas depicted through art help address pertinent social issues and create awareness. It provides a platform for reflection and collaboration among the local community. 



Active community involvement in a site’s revival develops their sense of belonging towards the site. We believe this is vital to ensure sustainability of any revival programme and helps improve the community’s quality of life.


With the growing environmental crisis, we, at The Heritage Project are integrating ecosystem restoration interventions in our revival plans. These interventions are being planned and designed considering the existing site conditions and their implementation feasibility.


Events &

An important aspect of heritage revival includes bringing people back to the site. As part of THP’s efforts towards heritage revival, we plan to organise various events at our sites for people to engage and experience Mumbai’s heritage.

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