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Aboutt Banganga Revival

The Banganga Revival Project was one of the first initiatives undertaken by The Heritage Project. The revival focused on programmes to bring people back to the site and relive its history and significance by uplifting spaces, enhancing experiences, developing interactive collectibles for children, while enabling socio-economic development of communities living around the site.

Revivial through
Art - Art Wall

We believe that art, as a form of expression, has immeasurable potential to portray Banganga's essence – its community and way of life. We worked with contemporary artist Shilo Shiv Suleman and Start India Foundation to paint the BMC School Wall depicting the story and life of Banganga - "Pyaas."  Workshops were organized to interact with the community, involve them in the process, create a dialogue, and ensure their participation in the artistic process.

Community Development Playground

Community Development - Children’s Playground

The BMC playground at Banganga was in a state of disrepair, not befitting the heritage site. As the only open play space in the area, it remained popular among children. We refurbished this playground into a marine-themed playscape in sync with its proximity to the Arabian Sea. The revamp was in collaboration with Anthill Creations and BMC – D Ward.

Walking Tours

Banganga is a storehouse of interesting stories, events, myths, legends, history, and culture. We wanted to create awareness and share these stories, enable people to rediscover this hidden gem and remind them of its rich heritage. To achieve this, we have partnered with KHAKI Tours to support guided walking tours around this heritage space.

Experiences Walking Tours
Collectibles Children's Book

Children's Book

We believe heritage revival and sustainability are only possible if our young minds understand its importance. We want to spread awareness about this heritage site amongst adults and our future generation, and felt the best way to make Banganga interesting for children was through an interactive activity book - A Young Explorer's Guide to Banganga. It aims at making the story of the Banganga Tank and the temples around it relatable to children. It is a blend of history, mythology, and science supported by engaging activities to be conducted at the site, making the book exciting and understandable for children.

Heritage Signage
& Homogeneity - Information & Design

In the effort to make Banganga accessible to people and enrich their experience, we realized that accurate and detailed signage was required. These would ensure that every visitor to the site had an optimal and informed experience. In collaboration with the BMC and DoAM, we have installed signages to help in the accurate interpretation of the site.

Heritage Signage - Information & Design
Collectibles Children's Book

Heritage Design
Through - Streetlights and Benclies

To uplift the community spaces around the Precinct, we are improving and bringing about uniformity in the architecture and design.  This is being done through initiatives that will refurbish and elevate the infrastructure around the heritage site. 28 heritage-themed streetlights and 20 benches were installed to improve the physical space and enrich the site's character. We did minor landscaping work to prevent illegal parking, which has improved access to the Precinct. These initiatives have been appreciated by the community and the visitors to the site

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