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About Worli Koliwada Transformation Project

The Heritage Project is working with Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC – G-South Ward) to transform Worli Koliwada, an 800-year-old urban village, with the historic Worli Fort at its tip. While BMC – G-South Ward focusses on restoring Worli Fort, our programmes are focussed on upgrading community spaces around Koliwada and the Fort, restoring its ecology, facilitating socio-economic community development, and creating experiences to bring people back to relive the sites’ history through art, events and interactive collectibles.

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Community Development

  • Sanitation: Facilitating cleanliness around the site and improving waste management practices in the community.
  • Entrepreneurship development: Scale and nurture existing women-run food and other enterprises to enhance livelihood.
  • Employability: Skill training for women and youth, in healthcare and other sectors.
  • Model Anganwadi and Sports:
    a.Infrastructure development of Anganwadi Centres and Sports Facilities in open spaces around the Worli Fort. b.Organizing sports tournaments for the community and public. c.Introduction of sports programs for youth and children where coaching will be provided to develop motor skills and awareness on life lessons is created.
  • Awareness and Behaviour Change
    a.Conduct regular health camps b.Create awareness about nutrition in women and children. c.Improvement of waste management system in the community. d.Bring about awareness about the benefits of government schemes.

Community Spaces

  • Worli Koliwada Art District: Develop the cultural hotpot into an Art District. The art district will comprise of:
    a. Murals showcasing the site’s history and community - a melting pot of cultures in the middle of Mumbai. This will be done with the involvement of the community to develop a sense of ownership of the art created, to ensure sustainability and maintenance. b. Guided pathway around the Art District c. Art workshops, storytelling and experiential learning for kids, and kitchen garden training for the community.
  • Playgrounds : Refurbishment of community playgrounds for sports and events
  • Installing civic amenities and Maintenance
    a. Landscaping of common spaces with heritage-themed streetlights b. Installation of site-appropriate benches c. Information and direction signage for visitors to explore the site.

Reliving History At The Fort

Various events and initiatives will be planned and undertaken at Worli Koliwada throughout the year. The objective will be to enable visitors and locals to relive the history of this site. Some of the proposed activities are:

  • Events:
    a. Annual event celebrating the history and culture of Worli Koliwada b. Curated pop-up cultural events, music festivals, food fests and art exhibitions in and around the Fort Premises.
  • Tours
    a. Self-guided walking tour will be available through the mobile app - Amble - endorsed by MTDC and MCGM. b. Art tours around the Art District will be organised to enable visitors to truly experience the culture rich Fort and the Koliwada.
  • Collaterals
    a. Publications like an interactive children’s book, coffee-table photobook on hidden sites at Koliwada, and an artistic map of Worli koliwada will be developed.

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